Create the future with us

S-Fifteen Instruments was conceived from the realization that many of the home built devices from the Quantum Optics laboratory (located at Block S15) at the National University of Singapore were being frequently borrowed by other laboratories for an indefinitely long time.

Capitalizing on our strong scientific background from careers in academia and our hands on approach to building scientific equipment from scratch given frugal budgets, we believe that we are well placed to offer our knowledge base to a wider community while making a profit. We are looking for similarly minded individuals who share our passion. Join us! 



  • Familiar with USB, RS232 and I2C instrument communication
  • Experience in Labview, Matlab, C, C#, Python
  • Knowledge of semiconductor physics and optical sensors
  • Experience with optical test instruments and photon counting experiments
  • Experience in electronics and opto-electronics circuit design
  • Digital circuit design and digital signal processing using microcontrollers and FPGAs
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