OPMSI Silicon Optical Power Meter

The OPMSI is an ultra-slim optical power meter sensitive to the ultra-violet to near infra-red wavelength spectrum with a large area Si photodiode. It can be used to monitor optical powers in computerized optical setups. The device does not require a driver to operate, the host and device communicate only by a serial interface. Open source scripts are available for the Windows, Mac and Linux enviroments to display continuous optical power measurements. Compatible with Thorlabs SM1 thread adapter.


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Physical Parameters:

Size approx 145mm x 25mm x 3.3mm (thickness at photodetector)
Power consumption

<0.5W (100mA from USB bus)


Electrical Specifications:



Optical Specifications:

Wavelength Range
320nm to 1100nm
Sensitive Area
10mm x 10mm
Max Power @ 800nm
Range @ 800nm
Resolution 2^-16 of full range



Host connection USB CDC ACM class / virtual com port (no device driver necessary)
Data format
Text or binary



Windows, Mac, Linux Python scripts hosted at Github (MIT Licence)