IRSPD1 Infrared Single-Photon Detector

The IRSPD1 is a single-photon detector module sensitive to the infrared wavelength spectrum from 1020-1650nm. The photodetection is performed by a passively quenched InGaAs/InP avalanche photodiode in Geiger mode cooled to -40°C allowing a nominal efficiency of 10% at 1330nm and dark counts of 10-20k counts/sec. The device has an onboard counter and does not require a driver to operate. The host and device communicate only by a serial interface via the USB port. Improved version with active quenching coming in Q2 2021.

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Physical Parameters:

Size 170mm x 60mm x 110mm
Weight 500g


Electrical Specifications:

Supply Voltage 12V (0.3A, DC 2.1mm socket)
Output Pulse NIM standard (LEMO00 connector) or TTL standard (SMA connector)
Pulse Edge Rise/fall Time


Optical Specifications:

Wavelength Range 1020nm to 1650nm
Fiberport FC/APC (internal SMF28e fiber)
Photon Detection Efficiency (PDE)
10% @1320nm
Dark Count Rate at 10% PDE
~10k-30k counts/sec
Hold-Off Time 0 to 300us in 5ns step size, software adjustable
APD Min. Operating Temperature -40°C, user adjustable
Timing Jitter <300ps
Dynamic Range 0-10^6 counts/sec (20ns holdoff )
Quenching Passive (Active version available Q1 2021)
Bias Gating Continuous, Free running
Discriminator Voltage -30mV, user adjustable



Host connection USB CDC ACM class / virtual com port (no device driver necessary)
Data format Serial Text Commands