UD Universal Discriminator

The Universal Discriminator features two units, each functions as a simple discriminator with threshold ranging from 2 to -2V to convert a pulse into a NIM or TTL-compatible digital signal. The function of the two outputs for each input can be programmed to be direct or differential with a polarity selection of the rising or falling edge. It can be abused as a NIM->TTL converter and vice versa. All selection parameters can be programmed via a USB bus.

The device is a modular unit to be powered by a Eurocard rack system (sold separately).


Electrical Signal Specifications:

NIM output amplitude high (typical)
-200mV (RLOAD =50 Ohm)
NIM output amplitude low (typical)
-800mV (RLOAD = 50 Ohm)
TTL output amplitude high (typical) 2.5V (RLOAD = 50 Ohm)
TTL output amplitude low (typical) 2V (RLOAD = 50 Ohm)
Minimum input pulse width ~20ns
Output Pulse Width min 1ns