TDC2 Time to Digital Converter

The TDC2 is a timestamping/timetagging device for processing electrical pulses in four independent inputs. It can accept standardized signal standards including (NIM and TTL) and requires an external +12V power input . The internal clock source can be disciplined by an external 10 MHz timing reference for precise absolute timing.

The device registers the absolute time of the leading edge every signal event (pulse) at any of the input lines with a resolution of 8ps (30ps jitter) for pulses separated by more than 50ns.

The TDC2 requires a driver which is available for Linux OS for now.

Datasheet PDF Format

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Physical Parameters:

Size 124 x 70 x 21mm
Weight 300gm
Power consumption


Power Socket +12V (accepts 2.1mm barrel plugs)


Signal Inputs:

Impedance 50 Ohm
Input standards TTL, NIM, custom (positive or negative pulses with a trigger
level between -1V and +2V)
Maximum pulse width 10ns
Minimal pulse separation 50ns (30ps jitter), 10ns (>30ps)
Connector SMA size coaxial connector (other connectors available as custom)


Clock reference:

External reference frequency 10MHz nominal (accepts 9...11MHz)
External reference amplitude 100mVpp min, 2.3Vpp max
Clock selection
Internal clock accuracy
<100ppm, temperature drift TBD


Timestamp parameters:

Timing resolution <8ps
Timing jitter <30ps
Maximal event rate >2Mevents/s average
Time between detectable events
50ns (events <50ns interval will have larger jitter up to minimum of 10ns interval)



Host connection Requires minimum Linux Kernel 4.4. Driver will be provided.
Data format
Text or binary



Sample scripts in C will be provided.