EKPQC Quantum Cryptography Educational Kit

S-Fifteen Instruments EKPQC is a user assembled and operated Educational Kit designed to convey the ideas and steps of a Quantum Key Distribution implementation.  The "quantum channel" is simulated with macroscopic pulses of red laser light and the classical channel with infrared pulses. An optional Eavesdropper Kit is available to exploit the security loophole due to the non-quantum nature of macroscopic laser light.

The kit is suitable for pre-university or undergraduate students and includes online Teaching and Student Manuals with sample worksheets. Note that the kit does not implement Quantum Key Distribution although it shares many properties and similarities with the BB84 protocol. Classical channel Adruinos not pictured. PCs or Raspberris not included. 

Read the Am. J. Phys article the kit is based on.

Assembly and Installation Manual
Student Guide 
Software Repository
Instructional Videos

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Optical Parameters:

Laser Wavelength
Laser Power
<1mW (Class 2)


Physical Parameters:

Baseplate footprints
150 x 200mm x2pc, 200 x 200mm x1pc
Shipping Weight 6kg


Electrical Specifications:

Power Supply
9V DC, 2.5mm barrel socket


Software Control:
Physical Port
USB 2.0, Type B
Serial communication via virtual COM port/ USB CDC ACM class