QRNG1 Quantum Random Number Generator

The QRNG1 is a fast compact physical random number generator based on quantum noise in a photodetection process. The device generates up to 480Mbits random bits per second after implementation of a proprietary hashing function. It integrates a self-testing function to continuously monitor the quality of the output random numbers which satisfy standard statistical test suites (NIST and Dieharder). Data communication with the host PC is via a single USB2.0 port which also powers the unit. The QRNG has been granted US Patent US20190220250A1.  See why we think Quantum Random Number Generators are important.

Physical Parameters:

Size approx 104mm x 31mm x 65mm
Weight 210g
Power consumption

<1W (200mA from USB bus)


Random Bit Rate

Random Number Statistical Test Suites:

NIST SP 800-22 Pass
Dieharder Pass


Host connection Dedicated driver provided for Linux
Data format
Text or binary

Operation Conditions:

0-60 °C