QRNG1 Quantum Random Number Generator

The QRNG1 is a fast compact physical random number generator based on quantum noise in a photodetection process. The device generates up to 480Mbits random bits per second after implementation of a proprietary hashing function. It integrates diagnostic functions that allow to assess nominal operation of key parts of the device. The output random numbers which satisfy standard statistical test suites (NIST and Dieharder). Data communication with the host PC is via a single USB2.0 port which also powers the unit. The QRNG has been granted US Patent US20190220250A1 and EU Patent EP3423935. See why we think Quantum Random Number Generators are important.

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Physical Parameters:

Size approx 104mm x 31mm x 65mm
Weight 210g
Power consumption

<1W (200mA from USB bus)



Random Bit Rate


Random Number Statistical Test Suites:

NIST SP 800-22 Pass
Dieharder Pass



Host connection Dedicated driver provided for Linux
Data format
Text or binary


Operation Conditions:

0-60 °C