Si-APD Visible Single-Photon Detector

The Si-APD is a fiber pigtailed single photon detector module sensitive to the visible and near infrared wavelength spectrum. The photodetection is performed by a passively quenched Silicon Avalanche photodiode in Geiger mode cooled to -30°C allowing a nominal efficiency of 50% at 808nm and low dark counts of approximately 300 counts/sec.

Physical Parameters:

Size approx 102mm x 70mm x70mm
Weight 700g


Electrical Specifications:

Supply Voltage 12V, max 3A (DC 2.1mm socket)
Output pulse NIM standard (LEMO00 connector)
Pulse width 2ns


Optical Specifications:

Wavelength range 400-1100nm
Efficiency at -30°C 60% at 808nm
Dark counts approx 300 cps
Dead time  1-2µs
Timing jitter 0.2-0.6ns
Input fiber 50µm core with FC/APC connector