DDS1 Direct Digital Synthesizer

The DDS1 features two output channels, which can provide sinusoidial signals from 100 kHz to 250 MHz with an amplitude around +2 dBm into 50 Ohm. It can be tied to a stable 10 MHz frequency reference.

The device operates in four modes, including single tone, amplitude modulation (AM), frequency modulation (FM), and phase modulation (PM). The four digital inputs allows fast switching based on an external modulation signal. The target application is control of acoustical optical modulators for switching laser frequencies and intensities.

The device is a modular unit to be powered by a Eurocard rack system (sold separately) and does not require a driver to operate, the host and device communicate only by a serial interface.

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Signal Inputs:

 Impedance   50Ohm
Input standards  NIM or TTL signal standard
Connector LEMO00 Female


 Connector  SMA coaxial connectors for 50Ohm impedence cables
Frequency range  0.1 to 250MHz



 Mode    single tone, amplitude modulation (AM), frequency modulation (FM), or phase modulation (PM) with sweep mode available
Modulation source  external
Modulation level  16 levels max
FM tuning resolution   0.12Hz (32-bit)
PM tuning resolution  0.38mrad (14-bit)  

Clock Reference:

 External reference frequency  10MHz nominal converted to 50MHz to seed internal 500MHz PLL for use as direct clock
External reference amplitude  150mVpp min, 2.3Vpp max
Clock selection automatic


Host connection Requires minimum Linux Kernel 4.4. Driver will be provided.