RFGBK RF Gain Block Kit

The RF Gain Block is a wideband amplifier based on the minicircuits gain blocks (MAR or ERA or other families), covering a frequency range from a few kHz to GHz. It makes use of a generic board "13" and fits into gold-coated aluminium boxes for better shielding against outside noise. This kit offers a flexible way of arranging mini circuits gain blocks, together with a choice of AC coupling capacitors to customize the frequency/gain behaviour for a particular application. Input and output are SMA terminated.

The Kit consists of:

  • 1pc Solder Mask
  • 10pcs of Minicircuits ERA-1SM+
  • 10pcs of Minicircuits ERA-5SM+
  • 10pcs of Minicircuits MAR-3SM+
  • 10pcs of Minicircuits MAR-6SM+
  • 10pcs of Minicircuits MAR-8SM+
  • 3pcs of Tusonix EMI Filter 4209-53LF
  • 3pcs of Tusonix EMI Filter 4209-003LF
  • 4pcs of Gain Block PCB for one SM Amplifier in series
  • 4pcs of Gain Block PCB for two SM Amplifers in series
  • 4pcs of Gain Block PCB for three SM Amplifiers in series
  • 3pcs of Gold plated box including lid
  • 10pcs of SMA Edge Launch Jack Connectors
  • Screws for mounting


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Physical Parameters (for box):

 40mm x 51mm x 12mm